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Discover Bequia and Five Surrounding Islets

An excerpt from Discover Bequia and 5 Surrounding Islets by Otmar Schaedle

Bequia, the second largest island in The Grenadines is unusual and arguably the most interesting one. Not just for her outstanding beauty of lush hills, sparkling beaches and relaxed yet bustling life — it’s this mix of all the ethnic backgrounds – African, Carib, French, English and Scottish – plus snowbirds and expats from numerous foreign countries, which set Bequia apart. All these people are living peacefully together, creating the island’s unexpected character which could well serve as a model to our disturbed world.

Bequia is not just for tourists who want to bask in the Caribbean sun all day long, Bequia is for individualists, families with adventurous kids, sailors, divers, explorers – people who want to find a hidden beach not marked on any map, or the majestic Blowhole, rivaling ‘Old Faithful’ in a remote gorge not far from The Old Fort. This brings us to ‘Mother Hen’ Bequia, and her ‘Chicks’!

Indeed, Bequia has five lovely ‘Chicks’ if you permit – mini-islands rather – just a few miles away. These five incredibly beautiful, uninhabited isles are the true treasure. Hardly visited, hardly noticed and yet, so special, one has to wonder why nobody seems to know.

Let’s start from East to West; Monsieur Battowia and Madame Balliceaux as I like to call them, as seen from The Old Fort against the rising sun!

Battowia’s peak rises impressively up in the air while Madame Balliceaux with two gentle, perfectly symmetrical hills appears gentle and inviting, ladylike in fact. Their unforgiving colonial history tells a different tale and calls for a chapter by itself, something for history buffs to explore.

The Triple Islands: Ile a’ Quatre, Petite Nevis and Ramier (Pigeon isle). Together with ‘Mother Hen’ Bequia, they form the remaining rim of a sunken volcano and subsequently provide outstanding sea life and dive adventure.

So besides snorkeling, hiking and camping, there is a lot to do, including discovering former coconut groves and long forgotten trails.

Not to forget, the views from these five islets are unsurpassed, as one literally breathes in the beauty that surrounds what some would characterize as a dream world; the archipelago of The Grenadines, with numerous more islands seen to the South.

One would have also noticed; all the names are originally in French, as the French were the first European settlers here. They all have specific meanings.

To all these fabulous Iles and Mini-Iles, tours and excursions are arranged and organized from The Old Fort, Bequia’s only historic plantation, from where all these isles can be seen in close vicinity from East, South to West.