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Bequia Attractions

Moonhole is a private community on the island of Bequia (Bek-way) in the Grenadines which derives its name from a massive arch formed in volcanic substrata through which the setting moon is sometimes visible. Founded by Thomas and Gladys Johnston in the 1960s, Moonhole is now a private nature preserve. In the late 1960s, the Johnstons retired from the advertising business in New York and founded the Moonhole community on the narrow western tip of the island. Tom and "Gladdie" began building a house beneath the arch with the aid of local masons from the nearby village of Paget Farm. Using whalebones, native hardwoods, and objects recovered from the sea, they built large open rooms with magnificent views of the sea. Without wells or electricity, they collected rainwater from the roofs and stored it in cisterns for bathing and washing. Tom and Gladdie later established Moonhole Company Limited and allocated the 30 acre property to the company.

Old Fort Plantation
The Old Fort, Boutique Hotel & Estate is the only fully restored historic plantation in St. Vincent and the Grenadines dating back to the eighteenth-century when the French first started settling the West Indies. Feel free to make a reservation if you would like to drop by for a drink to see the property or would like to dine with us at Dream View restaurant. For visits we offer a day pass, which includes a complimentary drink, and use of the estate and pool. To book kindly call: 784 458 3440 or 784 485 8888

Hamilton Fort
Situated on the northern point of Admiralty Bay, beyond Hamilton village is the Hamilton Fort. The original structure is long gone however both French and English cannons, retrieved from the waters around Bequia, are now placed there. The view alone is worth a visit. The defence of the entrance to Admiralty Bay was a priority for the British. In 1771, the harbour was described as being "very fine, where Ships of Force may safely ride", and ideal for docking (no such harbour existed in St. Vincent at that time). 

Due South of Hamilton Fort, on the small headland above Lower Bay, there was a second fortification where the approach from St. Vincent was covered by additional emplacements.

Grenadines Attractions

Isle à Quatre
Isle à Quatre is an island which is uninhabited and located only a mile or two from Bequia. It consists of various beautiful beaches and a pristine blue lagoon ideal for snorkelling. Our personally owned Blue Grenadines concierge service firm can arrange day trips to this island encompassing freshly caught seafood and drinks.

Just an hour's sail away from Bequia (a lot less with a power boat) will take you to prestigious Mustique which is home to numerous celebrities and royals. This island is ideal for a day's visit by sailboat or powerboat. Our personally owned Blue Grenadines concierge service firm can arrange day trips to this island.

Tobago Cays
These islands are a world-renowned small collection of cays surrounded by some of the most spectacular waters in the world. The protected natural reserve is home to some of the most amazing coral reefs and aquatic life in the Caribbean. The Tobago Cays also provided the setting for some of the most memorable "Pirates of the Caribbean" scenes! Our personally owned Blue Grenadines concierge service firm can arrange day trips to these little islands.

Salt Whistle Bay
Salt Whistle Bay is one of the nicest beaches in the Grenadines. There are only a few local vendors around offering souvenirs and a couple of yachts. This beach has two sea sides (the Atlantic and Caribbean Sea) within a few meters of each other. The Caribbean sea side has beautiful turquoise water which is calm and great for swimming or snorkeling, whilst the Atlantic Sea side is rougher and ideal for Kitesurfing or and other water sports, when chartering a power boat, this location is usually a popular place to stop. Our personally owned Blue Grenadines concierge service firm can arrange day trips to this island when going to the Tobago Keys by power boat.

Union Island
Union Island is the furthest of the inhabited islands from St. Vincent. Viewed from a boat sailing south through the Grenadine chain, Union has a striking silhouette, with a volcanic peak, Mount Parnassus rising 300 meters above a coastline of long white sand beaches and small coves. The vegetation covering the steep slopes and valleys of the interior are more arid than St Vincent, but with each corner turned, its hiking trails still provide spectacular views. The main community, Clifton, is a busy port which is regularly serviced by the ferry to St. Vincent, yachts and fishing boats. It also has several locally run restaurants, shops and a market green. It is Union's distance from "the mainland" that has given it much of its character. Blue Grenadines, our personally owned concierge service firm, can arrange sail charters throughout the islands including Union Island.

Happy Island
Happy Island is a man-made island in the middle of Clifton Harbour which serves as an oasis for rum lovers with a proclivity to 'liming' and is the brain-child of one man: Janti, who was volunteering to remove conch (or lambi as their known in the Grenadines) shells from the beaches of Union Island. He began piling the empty shells up on the reef in Clifton Harbour and before he knew it, visitors began using the conch pile as a make-shift bar. Within a few years, an awful lot of conch shells, some cement and a tremendous amount of work done almost solely by himself, had produced a Grenadines institution. The island is completely self-sufficient when it comes to energy which is entirely generated using solar panels and by harnessing the wind. There are often barbecues going on Friday nights and visitors are welcome almost any hour of the day since Janti and his wife actually live in the back of the bar!

Mopion Island is not actually an ?island?, but rather a sandbank. This superlative sandbar ? located in St. Vincent & the Grenadines - has appeared on dozens of magazine covers and continues to inspire artists, photographers and writers, as well as the average yachtsman. A quintessential ?deserted island?, Mopion is quite literally the poster child for the Caribbean. There is no way that you can travel all the way to the Grenadines and miss this unique photo opportunity: a dollop of sand surrounded by a transparent sea, is without even a single palm tree. The only speck of shade on Mopion is from a thatched hut in the middle of a sandbar 100 feet around. Take your chartered yacht right up to Mopion?s shore to be anchored. Bring a cooler and spend the entire day lounging around on the island, soaking up the sun, or wading in the shallow water. Mopion Island is surrounded by a very well-developed series of reefs and great snorkeling can be found around the sandbank.

St. Vincent Attractions

The Mesopotamia/Marriaqua Valley
This vast expanse of land is so luxuriant and evergreen with virtually every tropical crop growing in the rich fertile soils of St. Vincent. Overlooking the valley affords a spectacular, panoramic view of what is often referred to as the ?islands breadbasket? comprising plots of bananas, nutmeg, cocoa, breadfruit, coconut and a multitude of root crops. The grand Bonhomme Mountain (3180 ft, 970 metres) dominates the ridges that rise to surround the valley while a number of streams and rivers come together to flow over the rocks of the Yambou Gorge; in the small town of Mesopotamia (?Mespo?), before entering the sea on the east coast of the island.

Falls of Baleine
These spectacular waterfalls are located at the northern tip of St. Vincent which is accessible by both land and sea. Cool waters come cascading from the mountaintops and settle in a refreshing pool where visitors can swim. Blue Grenadines, our personally owned concierge service firm, can arrange boat trips to these spectacular waterfalls.

La Soufrière Volcano
This is a massive, active volcano which extends accross the northern third of the island of St. Vincent. It rises majestically over 4000 feet (1,234 metres) and last erupted in April 1979. Its name comes from the french word soufre, meaning sulphur. A guided tour (recommended) to La Soufriere volcano is a rigorous, uphill hike which takes you along the picturesque windward coast of the island to the crater, which can then continue down the west coast (along the Leeward side) terminating in the valley of Chateaubelair - this is an all day excursion. Blue Grenadines, our personally owned concierge service firm, can arrange all these trips.

Montreal Gardens
Located in the mountains above the Mesopotamia Valley and blessed with fertile, volcanic soil and frequent rainfall. Here you will find an array of exotic flowers, spices and plants interspersed with green foliage in an environment which is cool, misty and quiet. The gardens are opened to the public on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. between the months of December and August. Blue Grenadines, our personally owned concierge service firm, can arrange tours to St. Vincent including Montreal Gardens.

Black Point Tunnel
This tunnel is about 300 feet long and links Grand Sable with Byrea Bay. The estates north of Byrea were distributed to British settlers after the end of the Second Carib War in 1796, for the cultivation of sugar cane. The tunnel was constructed by the British with the help of Slave labour in about 1815 to provide an access route for sugar exports and is a masterpiece of engineering for its time. Whilst driving up to ascend to climb the volcano, one can stop by to see this tunnel.

Dark View Falls
Dark View Falls are two spectacular waterfalls, one above the other, cascading down high cliff faces and plunging into natural pools. A short and easy hike to the falls through rainforest and across the Richmond River via your choice of a bamboo bridge or conventional bridge, and then through a clearing in the middle of a picturesque bamboo grove brings you to the first, tall waterfall. Another short, but more difficult walk will take you up to the second waterfall, directly above the first. The waterfalls flow all year from a tributary of the Richmond River. Blue Grenadines, our personally owned concierge service firm, can arrange tours to these falls when visiting St. Vincent

Botanical Gardens
The Botanical Gardens was founded in 1768 as a commercial breeding ground for plants brought from other parts of the world and is believed to be the oldest such gardens in the Western Hemisphere. These spectacular gardens are filled with intricate and rare species of plants, flowers and trees including a breadfruit tree from the original plant brought by Captain Bligh in 1793, the National Flower: The Soufriere Tree (Spachea Perforata), and the National Bird (Amazona Guildingi). These gardens are located within Kingstown the capital and are very straightforward to visit if overnighting in St. Vincent or visiting the island on a day trip.

Owia Salt Pond
Near the Carib village of Owia on the north eastern coast of St. Vincent, this natural feature comprises a huge bathing pool enclosed by rocks and ridges, and a constant supply of sea water produced by the strong waves from the Atlantic Ocean. This location is an ideal spot for picnics, swimming and snorkelling. Blue Grenadines, our personally owned concierge service firm, can arrange trips to these ponds when arranging tours to St. Vincent (the main island).

Vermont Nature Trails
The Vermont Nature Trails lead through the reserves of tropical rain forests which are ideal for hiking, bird watching and also provide the opportunity to observe many species of wildlife, cultivated fields and hundreds of plant species. Blue Grenadines, our personally owned concierge service firm, can arrange tours through these trails when visiting the Leeward coast of St. Vincent for the day.

Fort Charlotte
Fort Charlotte was built in 1806 on Berkshire Hill 600 feet above sea level. This fortification, named after King George III?s wife, has a magnificent view of the city of Kingstown and the Grenadines. The old barracks accommodate a museum which depicts the colorful history of the Black Caribs. The fort is also the location of the St. Vincent Signal Station which provides a 24 hour radio (VHF) monitoring system. It is located just above Kingstown and is fairly straightforward to visit when in St. Vincent for the day.

Bequia Beaches

Ravine Beach
Beautiful Ravine is the only black sand beach on the island of Bequia! It overlooks several islands including Mustique and has been a favorite for many guests over the years! Approximately 10 - 15 minutes by foot will take you through a trek on Old Fort's private estate to this amazing, secluded beach.

Hope Beach
Arguably the most spectacular and unspoilt beach on the island! Hope has spectacular views overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, with its crashing waves, and gorgeous white sand. It takes approximately 15 - 20 minutes on foot along a beautiful hiking trail to reach this amazing beach.

Spring Bay
Travel east out of Port Elizabeth (along the only road) and you will come to the lush meadow of Spring, with tall waving coconut palms, and quietly grazing cows, horses and sheep. This land was once the Spring Plantation - one of the largest on Bequia, where the ruins of its old sugar mill are still standing. The plantation is still a working one which now mainly grows fruit.

Industry Bay
Beyond Spring, is Industry Bay - the site of a former plantation. Just off the "main" road, behind the coconut palms, are some crumbling overgrown ruins and an old well which are an evocative reminder of the area's past, and well worth exploring. The beach here is the perfect "get away from it all" spot, with good snorkeling on the reef when the water is calm.

Park Bay
Park is a short walk around the corner from Industry, and it is another palm-shaded, undeveloped sandy beach. It is also one of the best snorkeling areas on the island.

Friendship Bay
Friendship Bay is the longest beach on the island and only a short drive from town. It is a long, wide sweep of beach, with excellent conditions for diving, sailing and snorkeling.

Lower Bay
Lowerbay beach is one of the favourites for various visitors to go and hang. It has several nice restaurants and is a busy spot during several peak seasons of the island such as the Bequia Music Fest and Easter Regatta. This beach is only a 5 - 10 minutes drive away.

Princess Margaret
Princess Margaret Beach is just down from Port Elizabeth on the leeward side of the island. The beach is a lovely ribbon of golden sand which is so named because Princess Margaret enjoyed a dip there in 1958. It is also a favourite for numerous yachties due to the vicinity of the most popular places to anchor. This beach has only one restaurant, which has a very attractive lunch menu and is great for looking at sunsets.