• Relaxed Months Special (30% off)

Relaxed Months Special!

One of the best periods of the year to visit is when it is generally not as busy as it is during Winter. Visit between May 1st - December 20th and enjoy many benefits including special relaxed rates that are up to 30% cheaper than Winter rates. It is also a lot more reasonable to fly down! 

And why shouldn't you visit if it is much more laid back and even more ideal for you to unwind?

Also included will be, pickup upon arrival, welcome drinks, wireless internet, a delicious continental breakfast, and a daily maid service. 

The relaxed months are also an ideal time for honeymooners and those celebrating a special anniversary seeking absolute privacy. 

See below a section taken from Sir James Mitchel's article complimenting the mid-year season (Sir James Mitchel was the Prime Minister of St. Vincent between 1984 ? 2000 and his property boundaries the estate of The Old Fort)

"Many of our regular visitors (and first-timers) visit our island during the dry winter months and here they see a busier more bustling Bequia. What many of them don't know and never experience is Bequia's quieter side, and all that the island has to offer between the months of May and August - lush green hills, glorious flowering trees and shrubs, and the extra clear waters that come in the summer months when early rains have washed the Sahara haze from our skies.

It's a Bequia that attracts artists and artisans from around the world, like Julie Lea from Virginia, Brian Kieling from Minnesota, Peter Carr from Australia, Claude Victorine from France and Anna Landry from Canada, Sam McDowell with his scrimshaw and his wide Donna from California with her gorgeous shell mirrors. The lush vegetation is also there for the bees producing crystal clear Bequia honey from hives scattered in the hills. It's a Bequia for weddings in June, it's a Bequia for honeymooners and bikinis with silk wraps anytime. It's also a Bequia for the stressed, simply to pause and breathe the clean air."

Compliments Ins and Outs Magazine 2015 - Article "Bequia in Bloom"