Whilst exploring the island, after sailing into Admiralty Bay harbour on Christmas Eve 1978, Sonja and Otmar stumbled upon a lonely spot above the sea. Local hearsay indicated that there had been a plantation on the site. Sure enough the original French family of the former owners and a map dating back to 1763 was discovered with the private stories of the islanders creating as many questions as it did answers. Regardless, the ancient plantation was rebuilt using the ruins they re-discovered and the rest is history! If it only were that easy? 

The owners spent numerous years exploring parts of the globe together. They have deliberately taken the road less traveled and have come to realise that comfort and relaxation along with wonderful things to eat and drink make the journey much more wonderful. Since 2005 the property was taken over by their son, who is as excited as they were over the last 3 decades, in creating amazing new memories and unforgettable experiences.

Architecture & Design
The Schaedle's have spent close to half a decade rebuilding the derelict plantation, in fact we are still rebuilding and renovating parts today! The path between old and new, with each meticulously designed room boasting luxurious beds all with custom-made furniture, hand picked artwork, and much much more. Later on the family brought on a friend, who was based on the chic island of Mustique for over 25 years designing and building houses for the rich and famous. He helped give the property a contemporary touch which is so important these days. Good design should be a timeless design, and that is what we have been trying to accomplish together.

Experience & Concept
We do not offer a standard homogeneous product one can almost find everywhere in the world today. What we offer is a unique experience and a vacation of a lifetime through the combination of our extremely natural and unique property and the special staff that have been a part of so many memories over the years! Due to the nature of the estate, and the type of island Bequia still is, we are able to do this here. The fact we spent so much time and energy in rebuilding the property has helped us in perfecting the combination of classical elegance with the modern amenities of today.